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Dog Hotel

Sleep soundly knowing your dog is too! You are a responsible dog owner and you want someone you can trust, as well as a clean and comfortable environment for your dog whether it be for a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks. Whether you are on a vacation, on a business trip or just a well deserved weekend away, we will keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated during their stay. At Mtl Dogs, our monitors will walk them and play with them. We will make sure their accommodations are spacious, comfortable, and clean. Through plenty of toys, music, televisions and attention from staff, we will keep them from missing you! So don't get upset if they don't. As a boarder, your dog will be walked at least three times a day having quality individual playtime with a staff member. We provide the dogs with plenty of fresh water, comfortable bedding and lots of toys to keep them busy. They will be fed according to their own individual feeding routines with snacks in between if need-be. Please remember to bring their regular food and have it all clearly labeled along with any medication if necessary. Rest assured our certified animal health nurse can safely administer any prescribed medications or special needs your dog(s) may require during their stay. In addition to our boarding policy we provide 24 hour on premises monitoring as well as emergency veterinary care.
Throughout the boarding stay, owners have the option of individual playtime sessions scheduled hourly throughout the day with a staff member held in a quiet, safe and secluded area of the facility, if the dogs are not sociable, not neutered or are elderly.
Due to the overwhelming popularity during certain holiday seasons, please be notified that we have a first come first served policy for all our clients.   However, we do reserve the right to accommodate our regular daycare dogs as well as our regular boarders to board with us during our busy holiday season. We welcome all our clients, regulars or new, to call well in advance for reservations in order to diminish the possibility of no vacancy, but to also be aware of the possibility of being placed on our waiting list in the event of any cancellations.
During this busy period, we require a credit card number to reserve the actual dates of boarding.