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Dog Obedience

Mtl Dogs is a full-service, client-centered team of professionals dedicated to helping you achieve the results you want with your puppy or adult dog.

We can accommodate our clients with group settings at our training centre as well as private consultations may be arranged at our facility or in the comfort of your home.

We invite you to team up with our certified dog training professional to train your new puppy or dog, or if you have any concerns about your pet's behavior. We are both experienced, and passionate about what we do. We concentrate on getting results and achieving the goals set by the owners. We want to ensure the dog's happiness is priority number one as well as conditioning the dog into a good canine companion Our programs are specifically designed to take into consideration the individual dog living with an individual owner. We know every dog is different as every home is different, this means every training method must be tailored and unique. We promise an ethical, professional, non-abusive training method and our service has a flexibility that fits your needs, whether for a consultation regarding a specific behavior issue such as : aggression, seperation anxiety , destructiveness , excessive barking …etc…, or structured lessons for obedience.

Behavior consultations and obedience training can be dealt with either at our facility or in the comfort of your home. Prices will vary. Please contact us to discuss the best option for you and your dog. We are readily available to assist you over the phone to initially establish a basic understanding of your individual situation.

What is the hardest part in training?
The actual realization by the dog owner that it is not only the dog that needs to be trained. Owners who love their dogs often find it difficult to accept that their companions are not really people. We humanize them in our daily lives and we co- exist in loving relationships as we do with our mate or our children . Dogs have definitely become part of the family . Owners tend to be afraid to hurt their pet's feelings with discipline . Dehumanizing your pet is not cruel . The key is understanding that our duty as pet owners is to meet the needs of the dog first then satisfy our need for love and companionship . We can teach you how to love your dog appropriately establishing a trustful and respectful relationship creating a strong healthy bond for the life of the pet . They were born dogs and not children for a reason , we believe that reason is to teach us important life lessons.

How do you train a dog?
Not before you have trained yourself. Our pets are capable of manipulating our emotions with their adorable appearances in puppyhood or with the sad story they arrive with from the animal shelter where they were adopted. As a result most people spoil them and allow them many lavish human privileges. Understanding their language is the key to developing a much healthier relationship with our dogs. Owners need to understand that they must implement that their dog earn everything they get instead of taking advantage and obtaining everything for free, most often resulting in bad behavior.

The Mtl Dogs Training Program shows you how to raise your dog to be a joyful, obedient and devoted member of the family. Using trust instead of force, we will teach your dog to learn to work for you at earning his luxuries and in return a dog will love and respect you more. We show the owners exactly how step by step to establish a much healthier relationship and as a result have a happier dog. We give you the fundamental tools to manage the household successfully when there is a canine member
Our program requires no previous knowledge of owning or training a dog. All you need is a positive attitude, patience and commitment. The program covers everything you need in just 8 weeks and only takes 10 to 20 minutes once to twice a day.

By the end of the training, you will feel a definite sense of satisfaction and the dog will demonstrate progress. Day by day throughout the course , the homework gives the owner more and more confidence in improving the overall quality of life with the dog. Behavioral issues are resolved and the dog is much more focused and responsive to you, continuously motivated to work and satisfy his " new " devoted and confident owner.

Pawsitively Perfect Puppy-Start
When should you start training your puppy? Right when you get one. Those early months are when your dog will be learning the most so you can enjoy the years to come. With you, we will develop the most suitable program based on your needs as well as your puppy's needs. We will show you how to interact with your new companion and how to manage within your family's routine.
For puppies over 8 weeks old, we develop a feeding, watering, walking and housebreaking routine to meet your needs. Your puppy will learn the basics such as waiting at the door to go outside, sleeping and respecting the quiet times. These build the foundation for a lifetime of happiness in your home for your dog. Call for an appointment to help your puppy for a perfect start!

Private Canine Consultation: Dog Training at home
Are you stressed in your own home? We can help you build a routine that will make your relationship with your canine companion a good one. Excessive barking , leash-pulling, housebreaking, jumping, stealing , destructiveness … etc… can all be corrected with our program. We come to your home, where your dog exhibits the unwanted behaviors and we teach the whole family the ideal solutions. With these solutions, you will be able to manage your dog with confidence and control your home and most importantly you will be able to enjoy your dog's company.

Private Canine Consultations: Dog Training at our facility
Ideal for those who have the time, a series of Dog Training lessons are available at the Mtl Dogs facility with a personal dog trainer. The trainer will give the owner the tools to deal with unwanted behaviors or teach new desirable well mannered behaviors that will last. Results are usually immediate.

The training program we offer covers: aggression, leash behavior, sit, stay, come, down, jumping, a bed command, socializing well with visitors both people and other dogs.

Canine Camp: Training while in Boarding
If your lifestyle is busy and you lack time or experience or have any other reason for not being able to train your dog, this solution is for you Let us train your dog while he stays with us at our facility . Once 6 - 8 weeks elapse, we then train the members of your family. We return to your home a happy obedient and respectful companion. With this program, all behavior issues are covered.

Call us to book in advance. We can talk about your dog and our methods concerning our Training Camp. In cases of aggression, fees may vary.

Consultations can be arranged to meet your busy schedule. Training and Boarding dates should be booked in advanced as we take in only a limited number of dogs for training . Please call us to check for availability