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Doggy Daycare

We thought it was time somebody listened… It is a well-known fact that boredom and lack of exercise can cause many behavioral and medical problems in dogs. Doggy Daycare has proven to be a great alternative for thousands of dogs that spend their days in solitary confinement at home while their owners go to work. Our experience over the years has shown that dogs, which continuously are left home sedentary, bored and barking, eventually use their pent up energy to become destructive, neurotic and in some cases become depressed.
At Mtl Dogs, you can count on our highly qualified staff to make sure that the dogs get their needed daily exercise. We offer the largest indoor/outdoor play area under a specially designed climate controlled setting. We run our daycare program seven days a week, twelve hours a day and everyday is filled with constant stimulation in a nurturing and safe environment.
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Under constant supervision by our professional staff, this clean and fun environment allows your canine to interact and play with other people and dogs throughout the day. Our daycare program is designed so that these dogs have an outlet for their abundance of energy. Playing keeps both a dog's body and mind active. We have aided in helping nurture healthier, happier and better-behaved pets. See some of the testimonials by clients and what they have to say about Doggy Daycare.
We have thee designated area’s for daycare for different sized dogs. This way your dog will socialize with a dog of similar size.

Benefits of using Doggy Daycare to socialize your Dog;
• Confident
• Secure
• Generally have less stress
• Happier and healthier dog
• Adapt well to new situation