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Dog grooming & spa

At Mtl Dogs, we not only want to pamper your pet, but more importantly, we LOVE pampering them. There is nothing we enjoy more than to see all of our furry or not so furry clients leave here with their tails wagging and their coats smelling fresh and clean or simply not hearing the "click click" from their overgrown nails as they pass us by on their way out.

At Mtl Dogs, we DO NOT use any type of tranquilizer or other medication to avoid the aggression. We do not believe in doing so since we are aware of the side effects that these tranquilizers may have especially when used often.  We are professionally trained to deal with any type of behaviour and we do so by handling them with patience and care. The outcome is much more efficient and pleasant.

We meet different breeds of dogs, as well as different types of coats. We have seen the best conditions as well as the worst. Our primary concern is for the dog. With this in mind, our professional grooming facilities offer a safe and comfortable environment for your dog or cat to have a happy experience. We will accommodate all your pet's needs, such as a gentle wash for sensitive skin, a particular cut, or simply a beautiful manicure using our grinding system which not only shortens the nails but also files them for a smoother finish. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions in order to make the grooming process a good experience for everyone.
Whether you own a cat or a dog or both, we can accommodate them all. Our grooming services are meant to pamper all our furry clients.