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Pet Taxi

Taxi Service

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Benefits of Pet Taxi Service

For your dog:
• Making it to scheduled appointments at the veterinarian, groomer, etc.
• Maintaining medical treatment, when required
• Receiving love and personal attention
• Provides socialization with person outside the family
• Having someone responsible in case of an emergency
For you:
• Knowing that your pet is in caring, loving hands
• Not having to impose on family, friends or neighbors
• Discreet, personalized service

Why Pet Taxi service?

Pet owners cannot always adjust their schedule or be available when their pet needs to attend an appointment at the veterinarian, groomer, etc. Sometimes the onwer is ill or injured and unable to transport their pet to a scheduled appointment. When these situations occur, you have an option of using us to transport your pet.

Your pet will travel in an air-conditioned vehicle that is well maintained and fully insured. We can provide a traveling container or crate, if needed. We can stay with your pet until ready to return or come back for them at a later time. Waiting time is not included in the base price.

Pet Taxi Services Available
• Transportation One-Way or Round-Trip
• Waiting for Pet ( additional charge )
• Fresh Water
• Treat Feeding ( if allowed )
• Other Personalized Tasks