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5 Benefits to Doggy Daycare

Dogs by nature love to socialize, they often experience increased stress and develop mental health issues when they are isolated for long periods of time. The isolation can often lead to behavioural problems such as; destruction, extensive barking, whining, howling, and a feeling of being owner-neglected causing depression.  Spending so much time on their own can also cause the dog to lash out or be aggressive.

Starting as puppy, daycare is probably one of the best ways to socialize a dog. Regular play with multiple dogs, helps exert extra energy and helps to maintain good physical and mental health. All that exercise can help eliminate the aforementioned issues regarding owner-absent behaviour problems. Exposing a dog to multiple surroundings can help build confidence, which in turn will lead to a dog that is less stressed in new surroundings. This will help the dog adapt well to different situations. Good mental and physical health, social skills, confidence, will all contribute to well behaved non-aggressive dog.






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